zondag 30 oktober 2016

Zondag: bij-tank-dag

Straks is het 1 november: herinnering aan de slotsequentie (klik) van de de aangrijpende anti-oorlogsfilm van regisseur Richard Attenborough uit 1969: “Oh what a loverly war!”:

“And when they asked us,
How dangerous it was.
Oh! We'll never tell them,
No, we'll never tell them.
We spent our pay in some cafe.
And fought wild women night and day,
T'was the cushiest job we ever had.

And when they asked us,
And they're certainly going to ask us.
The reason why we didn't win the
Croix de Guerre.
Oh! We'll never tell them,
No! We'll never tell them.
There was a front but damned if we knew where...”